Every experienced betting player was a newbie in his time


The above fact suggests that permanent earnings in bookmaker offices are possible. To start generating income, you need the following three things.

  • Free time, at least a few hours a day you will have to devote to sports, betting and analyzing the offers of various BCs.
  • A wish, you must set a goal and constantly move towards it.
  • Patience, relying on luck, you can win one or more sports betting. To get a permanent income, you have to work hard.

In order to make profit one must follow few simple rules

Following simple rules and strategies, even a beginner with no experience and special knowledge can make a profit on bets. We analyze all the details in more detail. Earnings in BC are an investment with a high level of risk. If you estimate the playing position incorrectly, you will lose your bet. However, if you win, the income will be significantly higher than the bank interest on the deposit. The first thing a new player needs to do is choose the right game bank and the size of the bet. You need to play “on your own”. BankĀ  this is the amount that you can lose without significant damage to their own wealth. No strategy will give one hundred percent certainty that all your bets will win.

The amount of the standard rate should be about two percent of the bank

The next stage is to choose a sport. Most often, novice players choose football or hockey. Experienced betters prefer tennis. The main thing is that you choose the chosen sport. If you overpower yourself, you will never be able to sensibly assess the chances of athletes. On average, a month a beginner player can earn at rates of the order of 10 percent of the amount of the bank. When using risky strategies, the figure may increase by several times, but the possibility of losing the entire bank will also increase. In order to know more about the pay per head sportsbook, one can always take the help of the internet.

Who is a bookmaker?

Bookmaker is the organizer of rates. Most companies have their own analytical department, which assesses the likelihood of a certain outcome in a sporting event. Based on this estimate, the bookmaker sets odds. The main advantage of the player is the ability to choose a bet in which he is 100% sure. In practice, most novices put mindlessly, on maximum odds or on the most famous team. The bookmaker’s profit is made up of the margin (the percentage that the company receives for intermediary services), the adjustment of coefficients, etc. Football is the most popular sport in many countries. Bookmakers offer the richest lines, detailed murals, and interesting odds. Most players make their first bet on football competitions. However, football is unpredictable. There are cases when one hundred percent outsiders beat the champions dry. To increase the effectiveness of football betting, you need to follow a rules and regulations.